We take the stress out of owning property in a strata scheme by providing proactive, efficient and reliable administrative services and legislative and financial compliance. Work with a team that’s committed to giving you peace of mind.

The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 outlines the core duties and functions of the owners corporation and the duties that can be conferred or delegated to a strata management agency, such as Wellman Strata. While most of the duties are administrative in nature, they require a thorough understanding of legislative obligations.

Our job is to save you time by simplifying communication between members of the owners corporation and third parties. From ensuring legislative compliance and maintaining common areas, to paying levies and keeping and distributing records on behalf of the owners corporation, we make living in and managing a scheme easier for all involved.

Our owners corporation administration services include (but are not limited to):

  • Maintenance of all records on behalf of the owners corporation including the strata roll, common seal, meeting agendas and minutes, registered by-laws, strata plan(s) and any other management documents pertinent to the operation of the strata scheme
  • Liaising with your elected strata committee and providing advice on management related issues impacting upon a scheme
  • Responding promptly to correspondence received from owners
  • Preparation and distribution of notices and minutes of annual general meetings and strata committee Meetings
  • Facilitate and attend at annual general meetings and strata committee meetings

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