We collaborate with owners corporations, strata committees and lawyers to ensure that your by-laws are meaningful, relevant and effective.

By-laws, or “delegated legislation”, are the rules that bind stakeholders living or working in strata or community titled properties. They aid in the administration and control of the respective owners corporation and its common property.

By-laws generally cover matters like noise disturbance, keeping of animals, disposing of waste, smoking, use and security of keys, occupancy of the lot, parking, renovations and works, the appearance of the lot, general behaviour, use of facilities, etc. The list is not exhaustive and can be added to or changed by way of a special resolution of the owners corporation at a properly convened general meeting.

By-laws may be the “model” by-laws provided for under the legislation or they may be completely tailored to a strata scheme. Tailored by-laws would ordinarily be drafted by appropriately skilled lawyers.

Our by-law management services include:

Reviewing by-laws

We encourage our clients to regularly review and update by-laws from time to time to ensure they remain aligned with the current trends of the building’s occupation so that in instances of non-compliance, the by-laws may be effectively enforced.

Managing non-compliance

Practical, cost-effective and creative solutions for pursuing non-compliance of by-laws. We take time to ensure our clients are comprehensively informed so that the right decisions can be made. Any action, however, needs to be carefully considered to ensure harmony within a scheme is not lost in favour of a trivial dispute or that the scheme’s funds are not eroded.

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